Our technology

TruPunch 3000 Automated


In 2022, we have expanded our machinery by the new generation punching machine from Trumpf - TruPunch 3000 - fully automatized. TruPunch 3000 is the ideal solution for versatile part processing. Even with the easy control and operating through the touchpoint HMI.
This new punching machine can punch, form, tap emboss, mark, engrave and deburr. TruPunch increases our effectivity and is capable of a long-term operation, with low dependability on the human source.

TruPunch 2000

2-TruPunch_2000-1 1-tools


In 2017, we bough  a new generation of the punching machine - TruPunch 2000 with an electro-hydraulic head. Compared to Trumatic 200 Rotation, this machine is up to 40% faster and achieves great time savings. We are also able to process short bends directly on the machine, sanding off the disc and marking it. There are three additional tool positions and a medium format board (1250 x 2500mm) can be machined without offsetting, which increases the efficiency of the board and minimizes waste.

Trumatic 200 Rotation

1-_DSC1975  2-Trumatic 

This cutting machine that processes metal sheets of thickness from 0.5 mm to 4 mm. The sheet format can be standard (small - 1000 x 2000 or mid - 1250 x 2500 mm), and non-standard (up to 1250 x 2500 mm). The products are manufactured by punching (openings of various geometric shapes), skipping and forming ( threads, sinking ...).

TrumaBend V 50

1-Truma Bend  2-_DSC3733

Hydraulic bending machine for maximum press force of 500 kN and maximum bending length of 1250 mm. On this machine we bend developed shapes (not only made by our Trumatic 200R but also delivered by the customer). Tooling change is very fast so the downtimes are very short and thus reduce costs. Original laser-hardened tools are a guarantee of long-term stable and accurate results.

TruBend 5130

1-TruBend 5130  2-_DSC1960

Our production was supplemented by another hydraulic bending machine with maximum compression force of 1,300 kN and maximum bending length of 3230 mm. Here we bend (among other things) parts above 1250 mm, thicker materials, or complicated parts.

Datron M8 Cube

1-Datron                   2-_DSC2707

Machining center for milling front panels, small components, or even difficult workpieces from one piece. Raw material can be aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals or composite materials. Stability is ensured by the solid polymer concrete table with steel foundation workspace is 1.020 mm x 830 mm x 245 mm. The machine is equipped with a 2 kW high-frequency spindle and it has toolbox with 15 positions for automatic tool change.

STELLINE Series 180


STEELLINE BSM 1100 - is the deburring machine that we have purchased from Rojek wide belt sanders in the second half of 2021. This tool enables us to do the following:

  • Deburring of laser cutted parts – edge rounding, oxide layer removal and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of plasma cutted parts – slag removal, rust removal, edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of the parts after punch press – edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring after water jet cutting – gridning, edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of the stainless steel parts covered with foil – edge rounding without foil damages.

Powder coating line

 1-_DSC2125 2-_DSC2250

Most advanced semi-automated powder-coating line with anticorrosive chemical pretreatment for ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Laser marking machine Lintech

  1-_DSC4198b  2-_DSC2991

- Fiber laser with power of 20W
- Laser marked description to metallic materials, powder coating and anodizing or 3M stickers
- Creation and marking of different codes (barcode, QR etc.)
- Description of the front and rear panels, buttons, etc.
- The best suitable input data for laser are: Vector PDF or svg.

UV Printer - Mimaki

 Obrázek4 Obrázek1

Mimaki's UJF-6042MKII is the successor to the UJF-6042, a modern, flat UV-LED inkjet printer with high productivity and print quality.

  • UV Printing on metallic, powder inked and anodized materials
  • Printing and marking of various codes (barcode, QR, etc.)
  • Description of front and rear panel, buttons, etc.
  • Up to 20% faster print speed than conventional printer models
  • Supported sizes - A2 and 153 mm height
  • Supports vector PDF or SVG files 
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