Our experiences in projects of mechanical cases and processing with slim metal plates (0,5– 2 mm) since 1992. Our company develops and produces own products, especially for IT sector( special PC cases for Mini ITX motherboards with AC-DC,DC-DC power supplies, EMBEDDED systems and 19“ RACK systems) Also it is engaged in personal projects. It means products, which are ordered by a customer, are made in compliance with his own technical documentation.

Our manufacturing technologies were changed, becaues of small series production into CNC technologies. In present, we have about one workshift( depends on capacity of CNC devices) available for new projects and producing cooperations. We work up something about 30 tons of steel, zinccoated, aluminium and preanodized aluminium slim plates monthly with possibility to have 2 times bigger production.

Company owns developing background (construction­s,where is PC used, SolidWorks software), preparation of production(non­standard tools, pressin tools etc.), production on CNC devices and final fabrication including shipping of our products. Products could be obtained with surface treatment e.g. with powder paint, galvanical zincing or aluminic elox coating.


Our customers are companies from all over the world, but our mainly final destination is EU. Of course, our company sells its products on Czech market.

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