EMKO Case:

  • Development & production of customized cases and housings (IT, Telecommunications, IPC, Computer cluster, etc.)
  • Cases for Full ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX, Pico ITX, Raspberry PI, BEAGLEBONE and all other different types of motherboards
  • 19 "and Embedded Systems
  • OEM & ODM Production regarding drawings
  • Sheet-metal processing using CNC technology (punching machines, bending machines, milling machines, lathe)
  • Powdercoating line in production
  • Swittching power supplies, converters and chargers


Customer solutions

Central unit LIFT

Customer solutions

Control unit FASTER

Customer solutions

 IPC custom case 4U/19"  

Customer solutions

DooH Case/DMP-X1

Customer solutions

OpenTracker v2 Case

Customer solutions

Case Spo-comm 7

Customer solutions


Customer solutions

Case for Intel NUC

Customer solutions

Case TURRIS Omnia

Customer solutions

Fighter jet simulator case


EM-RasPI B+ basic (Silver) New

EM-RasPI B+ basic (Silver)

9,92 € 8,20 €
case TURRIS Omnia NAS black New

case TURRIS Omnia NAS RAL9011FS

36,30 € 30,00 €
"U" Holder for Turris Omnia New
3,75 € 3,10 €
TURRIS Omnia HACKER - cover New

TURRIS Omnia HACKER - kryt

7,26 € 6,00 €


EM-RasPI B (Silver) Discount


1,09 € 0,90 €
0 pcs, 0,00 
0 pcs, 0,00